Elena Churilova




  • Starting my life over again after moving to the United States without friends, family or connections to follow my dream of becoming a self-made woman; mastering my English skills to levels that allow me to live a full and limitless life in a new country and a new arena
  • Leading and delivering dozens of successful projects, across different industries and teams — including Tech, Pharma, Events and Retail; by turning ideas into action, making things happen and sharing my energy with others
  • Teaching English as a second language to middle school girls in Russia and helping them navigate the modern technology world as a career path


Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. Keep, keep trying.

— Suzy Kassem



minutes of


minutes of
studying algorithms
and data structures


minutes of
learning new concepts
and technologies


minutes of
reading blogs of
engineers and designers
and connecting
for discussions


minutes of
yoga, surfing
or making
Amigurumi toys
for kids from
underprivileged families


Python 90%
SQL (PostgreSQL) 80%
HTML5, CSS3 70%
Javascript 70%
jQuery 60%
React 60%



Elena Churilova

Disciplined and self-driven Software Engineer who led multiple projects across a variety of teams and industries, with extensive experience in Technical Project and Product Management. Brings excellent communication and collaboration skills, eagerness to learn, and passion for the customer experience

  • San Francisco, CA or Remote


Software Engineering


Hackbright Academy, San Francisco, CA

Accelerated 12-week software engineering program, curriculum includes Python, JavaScript, SQL, HTML/CSS and various libraries and frameworks.

Data Analytics


General Assembly, San Francisco, CA

Certification program, curriculum includes data mining, cleaning, analysis and tools (SQL, Tableau and MS Excel)

Master of Business Economics

2014 - 2017

Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy, Moscow, Russia

Thesis: Method for Diagnostics, Assessment, and Analysis of Investment Climate and Investment Risks

Bachelor of International Communication

2006 - 2011

Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Thesis: Characteristics and Features of the Linguistical World View of English-speaking countries



Python | JavaScript (AJAX, JSON) | HTML5, CSS3 | SQL, SQLAlchemy

Frameworks & Libraries:

Flask | React.js | jQuery | Bootstrap | Jinja

Database & Industry Tools:

PostgreSQL | Git | GitHub | Bash | Tableau

Professional Experience


May 2018 - Present

Super Color Digital, South San Francisco, CA

  • Developed project roadmaps, budgets, and estimations and coordinated rounds of customer’s approvals
  • Prioritized tasks for the production team, tracked progress, and escalated resolutions requests where necessary
  • Obtained customer's feedback and developed improvement plans for future iterations
  • Increased YoY revenue 32% ($400k) by reducing the number of resolution requests by 50% and developing new QC models


Mar 2016 - June 2017

Sylogent, Newtown, PA

  • Collected customer requirements and created design specs for development teams
  • Trained customers on new versions of products and created product tutorials
  • Curated performance analysis and generated weekly SQL reports for the designated customers
  • Reduced the number of support tickets by 67% over the 1st year, by developing a self-service portal with training guidelines


Oct 2014 - Mar 2016

CSSSR, Singapore (remote)

  • Acted as a liaison between customers and team of developers
  • Coordinated development team by dividing tasks into Jira tickets and tracking progress
  • Tested websites for cross-platform and pixel-perfect compatibility and tracked bugs
  • Increased team’s velocity by 15% by optimizing testing models across platforms (desktop, mobile web, app)

Operations and Demand Manager

Sept 2010 - July 2014

Russian Standard Vodka, St. Petersburg, Russia

  • Developed product demand plans, based on sales forecast, business trends, and demand patterns
  • Communicated demand forecasts to several international suppliers and supported import operations
  • Analyzed operational risks and designed mitigation activities
  • Started an initiative to help reduce the overstock inventory that saved over $100K in the first year by promoting cash flow and releasing warehouse areas.


  • All
  • Full-Stack
  • Stateless
  • Data Analysis


a full stack web app


a web app to organize your favorite cooking recipes

  • For this project, I developed a PostgreSQL database and built a Flask server with Python. Operations on the server side are linked to a CRUD file that performs all interactions between the DB and the server. The front-end is built with JavaScript and jQuery, where click events on buttons trigger an AJAX request back to the server. Server talks to the database using SQLAlchemy ORM and responds in JSON. JS dynamically renders HTML into templates. UI is implemented with CSS and Bootstrap.
  • The most fun feature I worked on here was developing and implementing a web scraping tool for "importing" the text of a recipe just by pasting a link to it. I used the Beautiful Soup library for searching for certain HTML tags and "scraping" the inner HTML from those. The problem I faced here was that different cooking websites use different nametags for their HTML templates so I had to create a web-scraping tool for every web-site I would want my users to copy their recipes from. It sounded like a time-consuming and inefficient task so I opted-in for an open-source API-like library that supported 100+ websites for scraping.
  • Other features include searching for a recipe, recipe import from URL (web-scraping), create/edit a recipe on the fly, delete a recipe.


a modern twist on the old game

  • I used this project as an opportunity to learn functional components of React.js, as opposed to class components, as well as hooks, like useState and useEffect.
  • The game uses a Canvas() element to render an image of a cutting board with an Image() constructor for rendering an avocado (a mole) on it. useEffect with setInterval() method is used to display images of avocados with delays (1000 ms) and then re-render the component again to display an avocado in the next randomly-picked position. useState is utilized for the state of the game, lives count, and scores. When a user clicks on an avocado, the click is registered and checked whether its position was within the range of an avocado image (100 x 100 pixels). If yes, useState increments the score, and an image of a flash is rendered, if not, useState decreases the number of lives by one. When the number of lives comes to 0, a new component is rendered on the page (GameOver)


front-end game

Crime Files

data analysis


a comprehensive data analysis on homicide rates in the United States

  • For this project I used FBA's dataset of homicides that happened in the US between 1974 and 2017 and used Tableau as the main tool for data analysis and visualization.
  • I was curious to see if there are any underlying factors to gun violence which is actively discussed in the news and social media in the United States. My strategy was to find areas of focus so that crime preventing efforts could be used effectively. I looked at the overall time trends in the country, the number of cases per metropolitan area, and solvability rates. That gave me certain areas with higher numbers of cases and/or low solvability levels. I then started looking into the details like circumstances, victim-offender and weapons used details. This gave me an idea of what population groups are the most vulnerable and under what circumstances. Lastly, I looked at firearm and non-firearm related crimes comparison.
  • As I was trying to find areas of focus, I discovered several interesting facts. For example, females are more likely to be victims of an intimate partner or a family member, with males as perpetrators (over 50% in 2017). Males, on the other hand, are more likely to be a victim of a stranger or an acquaintance, and less likely of a partner or a family member (less than 4% in 2017).